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Mother's day is fast approaching and sometimes as a daughter or son, i'm sure you often ask yourselves how can I make the day extra special for the one who raised me and brought me into this world! This day is always a good reminder to me that being a mom isn't easy! Regardless of whether you have your own kids or not, i'm sure you can relate to being a mom in some way. 
So how can you make your Mother's Day more special this year? Here are a few little ideas and gestures you can do to make your mom's day a little more exciting! After all I think she deserves it, don't you think? 
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  • Go to her favorite restaurant and share the love
  • Give mom a free day so she doesn't have to do anything
  • Make her homemade gift cards or baked goods
  • Schedule a photo shoot to remind you of the special moments you have
  • Buy a gift with meaning, something that speaks to her
  • Write a letter to her, reminding her of why you love her so much
  • Plan an unforgettable experience

Now if some of these things are not doable for you, perhaps you don't live nearby or due to restrictions in your province you are limited! Here are a few more great ideas you can do from afar! 

10 ways to make Mother's Day special for your mom amid the pandemic

  1. Gather virtually
  2. Virtual bake-off - this is so fun
  3. Have flowers delivered with a personalized pot
  4. Order her breakfast in bed and have Dad deliver :)
  5. Favorite meal delivered from her favorite restaurant
  6. Take care of a project around her house
  7. Send mom her favorite wine or other beverage
  8. Make a donation to her favorite charity
  9. Make a unique slideshow of past memories
  10. Send her something unique & handmade



We know you will think of something to treat Mom this year, but if you need some inspiration or ideas. Take a peek through our shop!

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