That time of year is in full swing, with decorating, shopping and planning for another festive year! It all happens so fast, but the important thing is to still enjoy the small moments and be present when fast forward is what we seem to be experiencing at this time of year! Sometimes making it challenging to enjoy the special moments. It certainly is a crazy time of the year, even more so in 2020! 
Here is a few things that we like to do during the holidays in our home, although despite the different year we have experienced. Not being able to do all these wonderful things this year! We still find time to enjoy the festivities as best we can. 
ice castle  ice castle
We love doing outdoor adventures during the winter, if the weather allows for it! As we all know Canada weather can be nasty at times so you have to pick your days for outdoor activities carefully. Here are some photos of us at the 2020 Ice Castles (start of the year) and we loved it. So neat to see all the sculptures and lights, cause we are all about lights!! 
We also love & appreciate lights year round, we are just one of those people who needs to have the house decked out in fancy lights year round! - Guilty Pleasure ;) so it's not unusual for us to have fun lights on and around our house! This is more so a Jordan secret obsession but i've developed a love for it too!
holiday drinks holiday drinks
Of course holiday drinks, eggnog & caesars as well as your holiday baking are all in order with us!  Don't mind me licking the bowl clean after a yummy treat was made! It's what I do, can't let anything go to waste right ;) plus I also enjoy having a little too much fun with the mixing bowl and taking a spatula and wiping whatever is left over on Jordan's face. Funny thing is he never seems to think I will do it again, lucky for me I get far too many chances to do it again and again. 
holiday baking
Enjoying so many lights is definitely one of my all time favorite things to do, visiting candy cane lane or some sort of indoor activity! Like Glow, we sure miss that one this year! Have you experienced Glow over the past many years? 
Although Castrol Raceway has been creating a pretty cool scene and thankfully still something we can enjoy despite the restrictions. Our plan is to check this out before the year is over! Will be neat to drive through i'm sure. 
glow 2018 glow 2018 glow 2018
glow 2018 glow 2018
Well with this year being much different than past years, we still wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and hope for a happy and healthy 2021!! 
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Joyce & Jordan