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We love sharing new decor pieces to add to your home, but sometimes you might ask yourself where can I put this, how will it look. What is the best way to decorate my home that it looks good! Don't worry we got you, it's not always as simple as it seems, but we are here to help you make it simpler & easy!

You're not alone! 

We totally understand the struggle, some people are naturally amazing at designing their space and others just don't know where to put that piece of art. Does this relate to you? Are you unsure how to decorate your home effectively, so that it gives a wow appeal to your guests who come over or even to your immediate family! 
The feeling of a well decorated home is amazing, I personally am a huge fan of decorating for seasons and for year round. The cozy feel it gives me when I sit in my living room or walk into my bedroom is incredible! 


"Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house become your story" 

~Erin Flett 

Don't make it complicated

I know sometimes we like to overthink things and make it complicated which only deters us, and then we just don't do it! So instead of overthinking, just make it about you and share your story through decorations and creative pieces that connect to you personally! After all that will just give you a closer connection to your home! 

decorating quote decorating quote

So here are a few tips to get you started on your decorating!

  1. Analyze your space - take a look around your bedroom, living room, bathroom and observe the colors, the layout and the wall space. Determine a good color combo and invasion how the decor will look. This helps give you some clarity on how you want to see it finished. 
  2. Pinterest - so naturally you might not know how to get your creative juices going so envisioning a style or color combo just doesn't work. That's ok that's what Pinterest is for, just search up bedroom decor or living room decor and let the ideas come before your eyes. 
  3. Measure - this is an important one, as sometimes we want something to work in our space but when we attempt it. It looks off or the sizing isn't right. This is why you must measure the wall, the shelf surface, the counter etc so that your ideas will fit correctly! Nothing is worse than LOVING something and then realizing after buying it, it does't work!! Gahh don't let that happen to you :) 
  4. Shop around - don't always let the first thing you see be the item you buy, I mean granted sometimes you just have to buy it (impulse shopping at it's finest 🤷🏼‍♀️) but the important thing is not cluttering your space or buying things that don't fit. So just be cautious and take your time. 
  5. Photos - now just like we talked about in the last point, if you are shopping online or in person make sure you have photos of the space you are decorating on hand. So its a good idea to take photos on your phone that way you have them handy and can compare to what you are looking at. Of course if shopping online this is easier as you can simply walk to the space and see if it works. However this is more useful when out and about. What would we do without our phones, such a handy device. 
Hope this helps, and if you need some additional tips on how to decorate or some ideas for that space. Feel free to shop our collection of wall decor, we offer Personalized decor (adding in your favourite slogan or saying) and we also offer abstract decor (just a beautiful painted piece of art for more of that modern appeal).
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Either way we have something to fit your needs, and if you want something custom we can do that too! Just send us an email or contact us for instant questions via our online chat!!

We look forward to helping you decorate your home, and don't forget to share your home decorating wins with us below! Perhaps you have some of your own ideas, which we would love to hear about!


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