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Now I don't know about you, but I can't just have a simple cup of coffee in the morning. It needs to be done right that goes from how it's made all the way to which espresso beans to use. 
All to often, people settle for a simple cup of brew but the whole point of that daily or multi-daily (depending on your caffeine addiction - haha) coffee is that it's made to enjoy it every sip of the way, right to the last drop. 
So here are a few tips on how to brew up your best coffee each day! 

1. Choose a Great Coffee

You don't have to make it complicated, just head to your local grocery store and do some sniffing to find the best brew for you. From light roast to dark roast, it all changes the taste. So if you enjoy a subtle flavour of coffee and don't like it too strong than I suggest a good light-medium roast with or without a flavour hint to it. I personally love a coffee with a hazelnut flavor it just creates a rich taste without being too strong. 

2. Store Beans Properly

If you are one that enjoys freshly ground up coffee for the best flavour than you have to make sure those beans are being stored correctly for long term shelf life. You can store them in an airtight container but make sure its not clear and stick to dark canisters to avoid any sunlight, it's also best to store in a dark cool place like your pantry rather than on the counter. However, if you really want your bag to last even longer. Throw your whole beans in the freezer, this locks in the freshness and will store for month on end without going bad. 

3. Find the best grinder

Well as we said above, having fresh coffee is one of the best things to improve your coffee experience. That involves grinding your own beans so the coffee is at its freshest state. So make sure you buy a good grinder that can last but also grind at different levels from fine to course. The finer the bean the more intense the flavor, where when you grind your beans at a coarse texture the flavour is not as bold. So be sure to watch for the options when looking at your next coffee grinder. 

4. Explore Alternate Brewing Techniques

Well this one is always a good one to talk about, because not all coffee techniques are made equal. Your coffee experience can change dramatically based on how your coffee is made but also the technique. From your standard coffee pot to the french press, or the newest and latest craze Nespresso Machines. So let's talk the difference between all of these, your standard coffee pot is designed to make a large pot of coffee with water and ground up coffee through a filter. This allows for a simple subtle flavour of coffee, whether you like it black, or with cream & sugar. 
Now when you use a french press you are getting a very strong cup of coffee, the end result is not much different than a regular pot of coffee other than it just being very strong, but it will look the same. 
Then you get into the fancy espresso machines, that are all the rave right now especially "Nespresso" as they give you the taste and flavour of a very high end cup of coffee from your local Starbucks, which is a very nice treat especially when you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The difference between a traditional espresso machine versus a Nespresso are some of the following:
  • Cost (Nespresso is much cheaper than a real espresso machine)
  • Ease of use (with the click of a button versus using a number of gatchets to get your best coffee ever)
  • Pods versus fresh ground beans pressed and prepared
  • Smaller to store, can easily be placed on your counter without taking up loads of space. 


Now let's talk about how the texture of the coffee being made with a espresso machine is different than a regular pot or a french press. You end up with a thicker, richer texture of coffee plus the added coffee foam on top. Much less water is used when using a espresso machine which changes the way it tastes. Plus if you can have one of these in your home, it can certainly save plenty of trips to Starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop for the best latte around. Instead brew them right home for the fraction of the cost. Nespresso pods on average are around $1 a pod, compared to your $5-8 coffee at Starbucks. Big difference. 

5. Clean your Equipment Often

One of the most important things when it comes to enjoying a fresh cup of coffee is making sure your devices are kept clean and don't contain loads of grime over time. This will affect the flavour of your coffee and also decrease the longevity of your appliances. So take the time to clean your machines every few months. 

Bottom line

There is a number of ways to enjoy your favorite coffee. Best part is now you can easily make barista quality coffee right in your kitchen without the training. Don't be afraid to try something new with your coffee skills today, you might be surprised at what you create. If you're looking for a fun mug to enjoy your coffee out of in the morning, be sure to check out our coffee mug collection. 
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